Nostalgia About China: Story #2 How One Fruit Made Me Sick for 3 days.

I went to Guizhou last year around late May. My classmates and I flew out of Hangzhou after driving for a couple hours from Ningbo.

We arrived that evening in Guiyang. Everything was fine and dandy until the night after.

The day after we arrived in Guiyang, we went to the new Confucius school that was built recently. Afterwards, we drove to a small city named Libo 荔波(?) which took about 4 hours.


Large Confucius statue in Guiyang

Since I had no roommate while in Shanghai, I was sharing a hotel room with Lucy, one of the tour guides that came with us from Shanghai. She didn’t speak English well so we mainly tried to communicate in Chinese.

Anyways, after arriving in Libo, we had dinner. But Lucy and her nephew, David, didn’t eat with us. Just sometime after we ate dinner, Lucy came up to me with a plastic cup filled with berries. She was urging me to try one. However, I was hesitant. I ended up talking to one of my professor’s wife. She told me it is “杨梅” or known in English, “bayberry”. She said, “Try one! it’s the season for bayberry!”

(bayberry, photo from

Lucy was still urging me. I was under a lot of pressure. But I thought about it for a few seconds.

The thoughts in my head were:

“Where was this from? It’s probably not washed. I have never had it before…so what will happen?”

So, I gave it a try.

Later that night after checking into the hotel, I went to spend time with David and Lucy. We walked around the city to find a place to get something to eat even though I was full. Lucy saw a voice stand. She asked me if I wanted a juice. I said sure and was about to pay but she paid for me. She asked before picking one out if I really liked the bayberry and told her I did. So I got a bayberry fruit drink.

Who would’ve thought that night I would be up all night, sick, having everything coming out of both ends (sorry for TMI).

That entire night I was thinking, “What the hell is going on? Why did this happen? I hope it’s just a one time deal.”

But when we had to wake up around 8:00 that morning to go on an adventure to this beautiful mountain reserve, I knew it wasn’t going to miss that at all.

I was running in and out of the bathroom for about 20 minutes before Lucy saw that something was wrong.

She grabbed one of my professors and told him something is wrong with me.

When I was finishing up getting ready I heard a knock on the door.

“Hey, Jiajia, it’s me.” I let him in. Whatever look on my face told him I was sick.

“Hey, you doing okay?” he asks.

“No,” I say meekly.

“You sick?”

I nod my head.

“You got diarrhea?”

“Yeah…” I say meekly again.

“Alright! I’ll go get medicine for you.”

He bought this medicine for me an it was these yellow pills and he told me to take 3 or 4 of them every 5-6 hours. I’m like, “alright. I’ll try it.” Chinese medicine…it actually works.

So, after taking the medicine, he outs me and says to my classmates, “If you get diarrhea, Jiajia has medicine!” Oh god, why me.

I was so sick. How did I even make it up this mountain reserve? I’m not sure. But it was BEAUTIFUL.

The far right corner picture is me with one of my professors (not the one who got me the medicine.) You can tell how sick I am because I’m so pale.

I couldn’t let go of how beautiful it was and managed to feel better later on in the afternoon. Throughout the day I only drank bottled water, ate hard-boiled eggs, and steamed bread (包子 baozi).

(In Xiao Qi Kong, Little Seven Arches, I couldn’t help but pose at these beautiful spots despite being sick.) (My favorite photo is with one of my professors and his wife, because it is one of his first selfies.)

Later that day after feeling a lot better, we were on our way back to the hotel. I was ready to eat better food! We ate a restaurant across the street. The food was good, I remember it being spicy. However, that night I was sick, again. Same symptoms…

The next morning we went to a Miao village. It was a 4 hour bus ride to the village. Oh man, I was just wanting to rest, but I did not want to miss out again. After checking into the hotel, we set out upon the village. So I pushed myself to go. We walked and took a tourist bus up to the top of the village.

(the Miao village in Guizhou)

It was a beautiful day. I remember it to the fullest extent. I was drinking water with this Vitamin C supplement that my professor’s wife gave me. But when we were at the top taking pictures, I was beginning to feel so sick.


(I like to show off my back tattoos, especially the Chinese one I got in Shanghai, Miao Village, May 2016)


You can tell I was sick based on how pale I was and how much weight I lost when I was in China. When I went to Xi’an a few weeks later, I weighed myself. I found out I weighed 133 pounds. I weigh regularly 143-145. So I lost a total of 10 pounds after my trip.

I remember getting dizzy, trying to stand up straight but I couldn’t. So I decided to go back down hill and rest. One of my classmates followed me. But I couldn’t hold it in. I was beginning to throw up orange water (the water was orange from the Vitamin C supplement).

“Jiajia, are you okay?” I was spitting the water out in the bushes.

“No, I need to go sleep back at the hotel.” So we waited downhill for my professors and the rest of my classmates.

After they came back down, one of my professors bought me some bread. It was kind of sweet, but like American bread.

That late afternoon, I went to sleep. I slept for a few hours and later was woken up by the professor who had his wife with him.

“We brought you some baozi and hard boiled eggs. Hope you feel better in the morning!”

I slept well that night, woke up a little early and went to explore some. I missed out on good food and fun, but I needed my rest.

My life lesson that I learned: Don’t eat bayberry that isn’t clean. My professor who bought me the medicine told me that if you wash it with salt water, it will get rid of the bad stuff. Or if you put it in baijiu and let it sit, then you can eat it later.

Lastly, after we got back to Shanghai, my mood was better and I begun feeling a lot better.

For my next post I’ll write about Chongqing. 🙂

Nostaliga About China: Story #1 The Morning After I Arrived To Shanghai

I am not the best blogger but I thought I should share some stories from my favorite moments when I was in China this past summer. The first story I want to share is the day after I arrived.

The day was May 1st  2016, it was as early as 5:30 in the morning. Jet lag had made me not sleep so well so I decided to explore around 6:00. Just before exploring, I called my family and told them that I was awake and couldn’t rest.

But, I told them I would call them back after I returned to my dorm since the Wifi wasn’t accessible to me outside my dorm room. (Also because my phone was unlocked.)

So, I got dressed and decided to explore the campus of East China Normal University. 6:00 am, there were people already starting their day. There were elderly people doing tai chi in the tennis courts near my dorm. I was walking on road that had the tennis courts, basketball courts, a running track, and their convenient stores. Every so often they have motivational banners hanging with quotes written by ECNU professors or students.img_5722

(one of my favorite banners as I felt like I connected with it really well.)

As I continued my walk, I ended up in the middle of campus and came across the Mao Zedong statue that I thought I saw when we arrived late at night. img_5723

(in which I was right, and later this spot would be a meeting place for my classmates and I.)

I decided I needed to get creative and so I took a selfie with Mao. Which I don’t know how many people have done, but honestly, this is one of my favorite pictures below.


(it actually happened haha)

I continued my walk…uh…I can’t remember the direction. North? I don’t remember to be honest as I don’t have the ECNU map on me right now. Yeah, let’s say North. I discovered the beauty of the campus with all the trees and water around. I explored around this area for a while and took a few more photos. Later I was told by some ECNU students that this was considered one of the most beautiful campuses in Shanghai because of the creek running through it.


Moving on, I continued my walk outside and ended up out at the main gate/ entrance to the university. Still early and not a lot of people outside, but more than I thought. The 热闹 (re nao, business), wasn’t here yet, but I knew I could feel some of it.)

( Photos consist of outside the main gate of ECNU, a Ningbo Bank, and Global Harbor, a mall that is walking distance from ECNU)

After my walk I managed to find my way back to campus and tried to go back to bed, but I was too excited so I called my family again and some of my friends.
But I knew, I knew from that morning that I really fell in love with China. I fell in love with China before even going, but that morning on May 1st 2016 at around 6:30 am, I really fell in love and knew it was going to be hard to go home.

Where To Start, How To Start, and Where to End?

It’s past 1:00 am while I am typing this. Lately I haven’t been up to date with what’s going on with my life. It’s either WordPress had bored me…or I have no reason to share my feelings about my life anymore. Because I’ve locked away my feelings too far inside my heart.

To be completely honest my life is OK and it’s not as terrible as one would think. If I was who I was several years ago instead of who I am today, I probably in all honesty, be severely even more depressed and in the hospital for attempting suicide.

My life is OK. It’s not perfect. It’s not great. There are some things that need to help me better myself and help with my happiness. And that’s for me to get the heck out of dodge.

In other words…I can’t survive being home any longer than I have been. I can’t survive living with my parents anymore.

Strangers, if any, reading my posts here. You barely know my story unless you’ve read previous posts. I’m currently as of this date, a 23 year old autistic woman who identifies as demisexual and biromantic. I’m not straight. I find both men and women attractive, regardless of race, etc.I’m not sexually attracted to either genders, but romantically. And I’m in love with my platonic life partner. Yet they have no idea because my problem of being autistic and lack of communication. I’m terrified to tell them. I’m terrified to tell them that I love them even though I KNOW for a sure fact that they feel the same way. But we are not together. We won’t identify as a couple in probably…years. Years until we’ve both found our places where we belong in this world. I belong to the Earth. I belong to see this world’s beauty as much as I can before Creator decides it’s my time. My platonic life partner probably won’t go as far as they want to. And with all my heart and soul, wish I could bring them with me.

If my parents knew about me not identifying as so-called “straight”, they’ll have disappointment. They’ll tell me, “We didn’t raise you this way. You’re gay? You like girls? In the Bible…yada yada.” To me, love is love. What is wrong with loving another woman? I always have found more comfort in the arms of my best friends, and even in the arms of my platonic life partner than I have with men. There are only a few men in my life that I have felt safe around that are not blood related.

My parents will be disappointed when they find out I don’t care if I don’t get married or have children. In fact, the entire idea of birthing children freaks me out. Adoption seems the best option and first option. The second would to pay someone to surrogate for me. I don’t like the idea of having a child…end of story on that.

But lastly…to end this post. I’ve learned that despite all the things I’m grateful for…I’m still scared to be me. What can I do?

I’m ready to return to China for graduate school. I’m ready to run away from this place for two years.


I Didn’t Abandon My WordPress, Life Got Busy. (Some Updates)

Since I got back from China I’ve been super busy. Some points on how busy from June until now.

  • Started work again
  • Went back to school
  • Was a bridesmaid in one wedding, a maid of honor in another
  • got into a car accident
  • accident resulted of a pneumothroax (collapsed lung) and a fractured rib on my left side.
  • missed three weeks of school.
  • back at school and trying to get back into the swing of things


So, anyways, long story short life got busy. But now, I’m feeling like crap because of my accident and totally unmotivated. Also,. lastly, I’m re-writing my novel…so hopefully that can be a positive.


P.S. I’ll write more later.


I’ve Been Back For A While

I’ve arrived back stateside on June 15th.

Life is back to the same old routine and nothing has really even changed at home even though I’m now a changed person.

China changed me and my time there had made me into a stronger person by now not really caring what people think of me.

To me, that’s an immense change of personality as now I know the “not caring” attitude will get me into trouble.

And to those who thought I’d find a boyfriend in China, that never happened. Because I didn’t let it happen.

The dating scene for me currently is non-existent as I don’t want to bother. I’m happy with life the way it is.

Happy 4th of July!

Hopping on a Plane to Shanghai This Friday & a Few Updates!

So the time is coming for me to hop on a plane to Shanghai! The days are still counting down and I’m overly excited..but…it’s finals week.

(in fact I have a final in a few hours…which I have studied but I have been procrastinating about…)

However, I still won’t be able to possibly blog when I’m there as I won’t have time. I’ll probably share stories later when I get back after June 15th.

My updated news…

My flash drive is 100% kaput.

Luckily I had the PDF of my novel sent to friends via email and saved that to my NEW external hard drive after converting it to a Word doc.

So, with my novel. I’m scrapping the old “high school” scene and switching it to college. In hindsight, this is a big FML for me as I will have to format everything AGAIN, for the second time and change the scenes 100%.

COLLEGE IS THE REAL LIFE, SO SAYS MY BRAIN. (sorry for screaming I am currently mad at my brain for coming up with a great idea that will take me longer to work on my novel.)

Well then, this is officially a good bye! See ya later!

In Less Than A Month, I’ll Be In China

I can’t believe it still. I’ll be leaving for Shanghai on April 29th. And it’s crazy because it’s actually happening.

April 29th I’ll be leaving and then returning to the US on June 15th.

As for my blog, I’ll be taking a hiatus as I am going to be focusing on my classes still until I leave. There is a lot of school work for me to do, this is mostly essays.

I don’t have much time until I’m gone.

And I don’t think wordpress is accessible in China. D:

So, I won’t blog when I’m there since I want to spend more time experiencing my time there than using the internet.


As for this post, I will get back and hopefully blog my experiences after June 15th!


Bye for now, I’ll be back later! 😀